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Appendix M: Email Inviting Reviewers

June 21, 2020

Dear :

 Among the many ways that COVID-19 has disrupted life in the US, one area of concern to the computing community is the partial collapse of the academic job market this spring. To keep affected scholars in the computing research pipeline, NSF has funded CRA/CCC to administer the Computing Innovation Fellows 2020 program ( to fund post docs for career development. The program is modeled after the successful three CIFellows cohorts from the 2008 -2011 economic recession (

 I write to ask you to assist by reviewing several CIFellows 2020 applications on a tight timetable. Each application is three pages, 2-3 letters, and a CV. If you serve, you will be given up to five (5) applications this week or next with a hard due date of Wednesday, July 8. 

To assist with this important program, within 48 hours please enter information at this form, including choosing the primary research area .