Big Data Regional Hubs FAQ:

How long should the proposal be?

The proposal should be between 3 and 6 pages.  We realize that the timeline is tight and all features of your program may not be fully fleshed out, but the proposal should give us an idea of what you intend to do.

Can the subaward be given to multiple institutions within the BDHub?

Yes, but it would be best if the award could go to one institution for ease in handling the awards in a timely manner.

The subawards have a specified indirect cost rate of 40%, which is below our standard rate; can this be negotiated?

No. For this project, we are seeking to maximize the opportunities for early career researchers to create partnerships with industry.  The overall impact on Institutional resources and infrastructure should be relatively small.

What details are necessary in the proposal?

The proposal needs to make a case for how you plan to use the funding in general. It does not need to spell everything out in detail, as we understand that projects are still forming.


  1. A workshop for X with the goal of Y that would have Z attendees
  2. A researcher spending roughly B months in an industrial lab through a partnership formed at the workshop