NITRD 30th Anniversary Symposium 2022 – Videos

Welcome and Opening Remarks

NITRD’s 30th Anniversary Symposium Video

Panel 1: Computing at Scale

Moderator: Ben Zorn (Microsoft)

Panel 2: Networking and Security

Moderator: Bob Bonneau (OSD/DoD)

Speech from Barbara McQuiston – Director of DDR&E(R&T), DOD

Panel 3: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Panel 4: Privacy and Internet of Things

Moderator: Charles (“Chuck”) Romine (NIST) 

Technology and Society Video: Socially Responsible Computing

  • Joydip Kundu – (Deputy Assistant Director NSF)

Panel 5: How Technology Can Benefit Society: Broadening Perspectives in Fundamental Research

Moderator: Alondra Nelson (OSTP)