Artificial Intelligence Roadmap

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6. Conclusions

This Roadmap is the result of a community activity to articulate AI research priorities for the next 20 years in a wide range of areas in AI and related disciplines. These research priorities are motivated by a detailed analysis of the potential benefits of AI for society in the domains of health, education, science, innovation, justice, and security. This Roadmap document is organized around three major priority areas: integrated intelligent systems, supporting meaningful interactions, and advancing self-aware learning. This proposed plan will bring the field to a new era of audacious AI research to tackle long-standing and multidisciplinary problems.

Along with the research priorities, a set of findings from community discussions motivate the resulting recommendations. These findings highlight significant limiting factors in infrastructure, education, and workforce capability. The document includes recommendations to overcome these challenges, with a comprehensive proposal for a new national AI infrastructure and workforce training programs that will have a profound and transformative effect on the AI R&D landscape. These investments will significantly accelerate the development and deployment of AI technologies with a profound impact across all sectors of society.


Full Report

Table of Contents:

 Title Page, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents (7 pages)

1. Introduction (5 pages)

2. Major Societal Drivers for Future Artificial Intelligence Research (4 pages)

3. Overview of Core Technical Areas of AI Research Roadmap: Workshop Reports

  1. Workshop I: A Research Roadmap for Integrated Intelligence (19 pages)
  2. Workshop II: A Research Roadmap for Meaningful Interaction (27 pages)
  3. Workshop III: A Research Roadmap for Self-Aware Learning (26 pages)

4. Major Findings (4 pages)

5. Recommendations (22 pages)

6. Conclusions (1 page)

7. Appendices (participants and contributors) (2 pages)

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