In 2021 INFORMS and ACM SIGAI joined together with the Computing Community
Consortium (CCC) to organize a series of three workshops. The objective for this
workshop series is to explore ways to exploit the synergies of the AI and Operations
Research (OR) communities to transform decision making. The aim of the workshops is to
establish a joint strategic research vision for AI/OR that will maximize the societal impact
of AI and OR in a world being transformed by technological change and a heightened
desire to tackle important societal challenges such as growing racial and social inequity,
climate change, and sustainable solutions to our food-water and energy needs. The vision
for the workshops is to exploit and expand on the emerging synergies between these two
communities with complementary strengths. However, there are barriers and difficulties in
realizing this vision due to cultural differences between AI and OR communities. The
workshop series aims to overcome these difficulties and to provide a stepping stone for a
strong and sustained collaboration between the two fields. While the first workshop focused on articulating a strategic vision, this workshop focused on what it takes to develop and deploy intelligent systems based on AI and OR technology that are trustworthy. In particular, the workshop was designed to:
● Study the state of the art in Trustworthy AI from a multi-disciplinary lens and for
various application domains.
● Articulate grand challenges that need to be overcome to deploy trustworthy AI
systems in the wild. Specifically, what tools and technologies have to be developed
and evaluated for each of the foundational elements of trustworthy AI systems.
● Select a few topics for summer schools and research programs to foster
collaborations in AI/OR for these topics.