Research Supply Funding

Requirements for Research Supply Approval and Funding

To apply for Research Supplies, the CREU student and mentor must apply together. CREU student and mentor must first complete the Research Supply Funding Request Form.  The form asks the student and mentor to provide information about the items listed below.

A description of the supplies to be purchased as well as an explanation of their purpose in the context of the CREU project.  Note that the CREU program does not provide reimbursement for general purpose computing equipment (such as laptops or iPads), or other items used as incentives (such as gift cards, paying survey participants through mTurk or any other similar systems).

An itemized budget for the supplies to be purchased.  The budget should include the vendor as well as the cost.

Requirements for Research Supply Reimbursement

To apply for research supply reimbursement, a CREU member should first have submitted a request for funding as outlined above and been notified that the request was approved by the CREU Admin.

Submit all original receipts to CRA for your reimbursement by completing the Research Supply Reimbursement Form. Combine the reimbursement form and all receipts into one PDF. Send this file as one PDF to and copy