Mid Year and Progress Reports

Student are expected to submit a mid-year report as a team through the CREU Mid-Year Report for Students Form.

Faculty should submit a single report for the CREU team quarterly through the CREU Progress Report for Faculty Form.

Student Team Mid Year Reports:

Submit the Mid-year report as a team through the CREU Mid-Year Report for Students Form.


  • A brief description of your team’s project
    • Title of the project/Blog URLs
    • *Ensure all blog entries are up to date
  • Approximate number of hours each student is spending on their project weekly
    • As a reminder the expected CREU commitment is 10-15 hours per week 
  • Status of your project
    • Accomplishments to date
    • What you expect to accomplish by the end. of the CREU project
    • Biggest challenges and most exciting events so far
  • Working environment
    • Are you working alone or as a team?
    • How frequently and for how long are you meeting with your mentor, fellow student collaborators, and full research team (mentor and student teammates)?
    • Any research talks you have attended

Mentor Progress Reports:

Submit through the CREU Progress Report for Faculty Form.


  • A description of the students’ project
    • Title of the project and website/blog URL
    • *Ensure your students’ blog entries are up to date before submitting a progress report
  • Students’ progress to date including:
    • Approximate hours of work per week for each student
    • What you expect your student(s) to accomplish by the end of the CREU project
    • How well your team is working together and if each student contributing equally
  • Describe the students’ working environment
    • How frequently do students meet with you, with each other, and with others (Grad students, post docs, etc) in your research group?
  • Anything else you would like the CREU Co-Chairs to know?
    • What is working well?
    • Do you need additional support?
    • Suggestions for improvement
    • Methods you found useful in your research project