CREU Final Report

As part of the Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, each CREU team and their mentor are expected to submit a Final Report. The reports are to be submitted after the CREU project has been completed.

Guidelines and Requirements for CREU student teams:

The team’s final report consists of a technical paper.

      • The writing style and technical level should be similar to a paper published in a technical conference in that research area.
      • Submit your report in PDF format following this guideline (Template) (Example)
      • The paper should include a scholarly review of related prior work, including citations to relevant literature.
      • The Final Report should be submitted using this web-based form. Files can not be larger than 10 MB.

Guidelines and Requirements for Mentor:

The mentor’s final report is submitted using this web-based form. The questions asked in the form are:

      • What were the most significant results of the CREU project? These can be both tangible and intangible.
      • Please give a brief evaluation of the students’ performance, both individually and as a group. Did they work well together? Did they accomplish more or less than expected? Would you like to have them as graduate students?
      • Is there anything else you would like us to know (for example — things that worked especially well or that did not work well, suggestions for improvement, etc.)