Ongoing CCC Activities

In the chart below you can check the status of ongoing white papers, reports, and workshops.

Title Status
Cyber Social Learning Systems Workshop Series Held Workshop #1 August, 2016 in Seattle, WA. and Workshop #2 in Ann Arbor, MI in November, 2016. Workshop #3 will be held January 24-25, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Discovery and Innovation in Smart Health Workshop Workshop was held December 5th-6th in Washington, D.C.
Nanotechnology-inspired Information Processing Systems Workshop Held workshop in September, 2016 in Washington, DC. Recently released the executive summary from the workshop report. Full report will be coming soon.
Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Workshop Planning workshop was held December 12th-13th at the University of Maryland. Currently planning for workshop #2, which will take place in spring or summer 2017.
Symposium on Accelerating Science: A Grand Challenge for AI Co-hosted the AAAI Fall Symposium on Accelerating Science: A Grand Challenge for AI November 17th-19th in Arlington, VA
CAPE Workshop Recently released Report
Computing Research: Addressing National Priorities and Societal Needs  Gathered members of the community interested in social and policy implications of computing research in May; watch the Speaker Videos and Poster Videos.
Extensible Distributed Systems Workshop Working on Report
Inclusive Access Workshop Recently released Report
Privacy by Design Workshops Working on Report
Robotics Workshops/White Paper Recently released Next Generation Robotics white paper
AI Task Force Held Artificial Intelligence for the Social Good Event in June, 2016 to discuss the successful deployments and the potential use of AI in various topics that are essential for social good; watch the Speaker Videos.
Computing in the Physical World Task Force Recently released the System Computing Challenges in the Internet of Things and Smart Communities Internet of Things white papers
Convergence of Data and Computing Task Force Recently released the Opportunities and Challenges for Next Generation ComputingAccelerating Science: A Computing Research Agendaand the Accelerating Science: A Computing Research Agenda white papers
Healthcare Task Force In September, 2015 the CCC held the Inclusive Access to Rich Online Content and Services workshop
Industry Task Force Recently released The Future of Computing Research: Industry-Academic Collaboration white paper
Privacy Task Force Privacy by Design workshop series wrapped up in January 2016
Education Task Force Recently released The Importance of Computing Education Research white paper

For more information about ongoing CCC activities contact Director Ann Drobnis at adrobnis [at]