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Community-Driven Approaches to Research in Technology & Society

The focus of this visioning activity was to catalyze the research community by enabling conversations between computing researchers and those that are impacted by artificial intelligence systems. Through active participation, participants were given the opportunity to better understand the research opportunities that will create improved systems for the users who are impacted by the systems. Participatory research is a growing area in computing, leading to the creation of an outline of how community partners and researchers can effectively and ethically work together to conduct community-driven research.

CIFellows 2022 Workshop

The event will be a workshop involving both the 2020 and 2021 CIFellow cohorts on May 26th in Washington, DC. We will have a variety of speakers, panels and networking opportunities with members of the computing research community.

NITRD 30th Anniversary

On May 25th, 2022 the 30th anniversary celebration of the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) program will be held In-Person at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

Leadership in Science Policy Institute

The Computing Research Association’s Computing Community Consortium offers its Leadership in Science Policy Institute to educate computing researchers on how science policy in the U.S. is formulated and how our government works. LiSPI features presentations and discussions with science policy experts, current and former Hill staff, and relevant agency and Administration personnel about mechanics of the legislative process, interacting with agencies, advisory committees, and the federal case for computing.

Privacy by Design – Engineering Privacy

This workshop will survey emerging challenges in engineering privacy from applications of cryptographic protocols and privacy-preserving databases, to formal notations and programming languages in identity management, de-identification, and software specification. This survey will review known challenges, such as understanding privacy policies (e.g., privacy laws in regulated sectors like healthcare and finance; privacy promises in self-regulated sectors like Web services) in computational terms so that tools can be developed to help with their enforcement, which includes conflicts introduced by cross-references from one legal text to another, difficulties reflecting use based models, modeling business process’ compliance with the law; and policy weaknesses exposed by computer scientists that limit the utility of translation for privacy protection (e.g., the atomic view of information types that ignores statistical correlations leading to weak de-identification requirements and ineffective approaches to privacy-preserving big data analytics).

This is part of a series of workshops - view the series page.

Leadership in Science Policy Institute

The CCC will provide funds for hotel accommodations for two nights of local expenses (hotel, meals) for the April 27-28 workshops. Nominees are expected to pay their own travel expenses, though there will be a limited fund available for participants who cannot attend unless their travel is provided.