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Future of Pandemic Prevention and Response

In this workshop, participants discussed and summarized challenges and envisioned computational opportunities related to forecasting and disease spread; disease evolution; automated notification systems; logistics and supply allocation; interventions and vaccination proof; and genomic medicine to ensure we are more prepared for the next pandemic. Included in the workshop agenda was a pandemic emergency simulation designed to help participants determine what computational tools exist and are useful, and the gaps that researchers at the intersection of computing and health are in the unique position to fill.

Systems and Applications Challenges for the Emerging Bazaar of Accelerators

The slowing of Moore’s law and the end of Dennard scaling has reduced the dominance of general purpose processor architectures.  Accelerators and other approaches optimized for specific operations and data structures have been developed as the go-to alternative. This CCC workshop will focus on the opportunities, challenges, and questions which arise from this shift.

Community-Driven Approaches to Research in Technology & Society

The focus of this visioning activity was to catalyze the research community by enabling conversations between computing researchers and those that are impacted by artificial intelligence systems. Through active participation, participants were given the opportunity to better understand the research opportunities that will create improved systems for the users who are impacted by the systems. Participatory research is a growing area in computing, leading to the creation of an outline of how community partners and researchers can effectively and ethically work together to conduct community-driven research.

Building Resilience to Climate Driven Extreme Events with Computing Innovations: A Convergence Accelerator Workshop

Through this workshop we identified computing building blocks needed to facilitate and expedite technological innovation in multiple impact areas. We focused on a subset of the impact areas identified in the CCC white paper on computing research for the climate crisis: Energy, Environmental Justice, Agriculture, and Transportation.