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All events that occurred in 2011 and previous years.

A Roadmap for US Robotics

Over the last two decades, the internet has—in many ways—transformed our daily lives from work routines to social networking. The internet is an impressive media for interconnecting computers. However, almost all these computers are passive devices with no or very limited facilities for interaction with the physical world. Robots—on the other hard—are devices designed to interact intelligently with the environment. Over the next decade or two the prediction is that robotics will impact our daily lives in manners that, at least, matches the way the internet has impacted our life.

Global Development Workshop

Approximately fifty participants gathered in Berkeley to discuss the future of Computer Science research supporting global socioeconomic development. Over a rich two days of discussion, deliberation and decision-making, we arrived at major decisions, identified contentious points for further discussion, and decided on next steps for the community.