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Global Development Workshop

Approximately fifty participants gathered in Berkeley to discuss the future of Computer Science research supporting global socioeconomic development. Over a rich two days of discussion, deliberation and decision-making, we arrived at major decisions, identified contentious points for further discussion, and decided on next steps for the community.

Persuasive Experiences

A culture is defined by its shared stories and the messages that people communicate with each other. Computing has created new ways for stories to be told in entertainment and education. This workshop outlined how we can bring digital storytelling from the realm of multimillion dollar productions down to the practical needs of everyday social, educational and political discourse.

Interactive System Architecture

The last few decades have produced many new interactive technologies and many interactive techniques. Few of them are making their way into actual use because they are so hard to integrate. This workshop created an agenda for new architectures for building interactive systems that integrate basic interaction in powerful new ways and provide new opportunities and foundations on which to build usable systems.

CRA/CCC Workshop on Extreme Scale Design Automation

Design automation tools have been an enabling force in the computing revolution. Beginning in the 1970s, rapid advances have allowed semiconductor chips to evolve from a handful of transistors to modern processors and systems with billions devices.

This is part of a series of workshops - view the series page.

2025 Roundtable

The Visions 2025 initiative is intended to inspire the computing community to envision future trends and opportunities in computing research. Where is the computing field going over the next 10-15 years? What are potential opportunities, disruptive trends, and blind spots? Are there new questions and directions that deserve greater attention by the research community and new investments in computing research?