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Network Design and Societal Values

Digital electronic networks have emerged as one of the most powerful and exciting technologies of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, embodying and promoting wide ranging societal and individual aspirations to create, produce, communicate, buy, sell, organize, connect, associate, educate, learn, entertain, campaign, and collaborate on a local, community, national, and global scale.

NetSE Informational Meeting

The NetSE informational meeting on September 5, 2008 is an opportunity for the community to hear Jeannette Wing, the NSF AD for CISE, discuss NetSE and the vision behind the cross-cutting initiative, and to hear from various Division Directors and Program Officers at NSF about the objectives, scope and logistics of the NetSE program.

Theoretical Computer Science Workshop

The goals of the visioning workshop were to identify broad research themes within theoretical computer science (TCS) that have potential for a major impact in the future and to distill these research directions into compelling "nuggets" that can quickly convey their importance to a layperson.