This article is published in the May 2005 issue.

Thanks to Retiring Board Members

This year CRA bids farewell to several long-term board members whose contributions will be sorely missed.

On behalf of CRA and the computing research community, we express our gratitude to these board members for their dedicated service. We highlight only a few of their many contributions here.

Jim Foley (1996-2005; served as treasurer from 1998-2001 and two terms as board chair 2001-05; Jim will remain on the board for one more year as Past Chair); Kathy McKeown (1999-2005; served two terms as secretary 2001-05 and chaired several important committees); Larry Snyder (1996-2005; spearheaded several of CRA’s “Best Practices” papers and chaired a number of important committees); Mary Lou Soffa (1996-2005; served as vice chair of the board for two terms 1997-2001 and as co-chair of CRA-W 1999-2002); Jack Stankovic (1996-2005; served as treasurer from 2001-03, Snowbird co-chair in 2002, and directed the CRA study on “Recruitment and Retention of Faculty in Computer Science and Engineering”).

Our thanks also to two board members who recently resigned due to other professional commitments—Jan Cuny, University of Oregon (2000-05; served as board vice chair 2001-05 and as co-chair of CRA-W 1996-99); and Elaine Weyuker, AT&T – Research (2000-05; served on the industry and membership committees and the Faculty Retention and Recruitment study group).

Thanks to Retiring Board Members