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UR2PhD: Opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Faculty, and Institutions

By Julia Sepulveda, Program Associate, CRA-E The UR2PhD program was launched with the goal of significantly increasing the number of women and gender-marginalized students, especially those who identify as Black, Native, and Latinx, pursuing a PhD in a CISE field. To this end, UR2PhD is helping institutions scale their research training capabilities, so that undergraduates […]

UR2PhD New Virtual Workshop Series Seeks to Increase Computing Research Awareness Among Undergraduates

By Julia Sepulveda, Program Associate, CRA-E In Spring 2024, the UR2PhD team will launch a monthly virtual workshop series to help undergraduate students learn more about computing research.The workshops will provide insight into key areas such as research challenges, career paths and preparation, daily routines, and opportunities for making meaningful contributions to society through computing […]


Improving Gender Diversity in Computing: An Update on UR2PhD

By Julia Sepulveda Avalos, Program Associate, CRA-E In an effort to increase the number of women and other gender-marginalized students (especially those who identify as Black, Latinx, Native, and/or Indigenous) who pursue doctoral studies in computing, the Computing Research Association (CRA) launched the UR2PhD (pronounced “you are to PhD”) program this year. To achieve its […]

UR2PhD Seeks Institutional Partners: Apply for Resources to Engage More Women in Undergraduate Research

CRA’s new Undergraduate Research to PhD program, UR2PhD (pronounced “you are 2 PhD”), is seeking institutional partners who would like support with growing the number of women and other gender-marginalized computing students who participate in undergraduate research and continue on to PhD programs.

Institutional partners will work closely with the UR2PhD program leadership beginning in the Summer of 2023 to vastly expand the number of research opportunities for women and gender-marginalized undergraduates, including those from marginalized races and ethnicities, at their institutions.

Computing Research Association Receives $5M Grant for UR2PhD: An undergraduate research to PhD national mentoring program

The UR2PhD Program aims to increase the percentage of women entering PhD programs by at least 15% per year, with even higher increases for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

The Computing Research Association (CRA) recently announced that it has received a $5 million grant from a philanthropic partner to support the Undergraduate Research to the PhD (UR2PhD) program. UR2PhD (read as “you are 2 PhD”) focuses on engaging more women who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents in computing PhD programs through a virtual, nationally managed approach to quality undergraduate research opportunities and to bridging the gap to PhD applications.