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By Helen V. Wright, Manager, CRA-Industry   Computing Research Association-Industry (CRA-I), whose mission is to convene industry partners on computing research topics of mutual interest, has an active Steering Committee (SC) that uses the following workflow to impact the computing research industry community.     The SC has had over 30 conversations with those in […]

CRA-I Computing Research in Industry Roundtable

Computing Research Association – Industry (CRA-I) held a roundtable in November organized by Jaime Teevan (Microsoft) and Ben Zorn (Microsoft) on Computing Research in Industry, which was based on the very successful and well attended session of the same name at the CRA Conference at Snowbird 2022. The roundtable was moderated by Fatma Özcan (Google) and the speakers were Lisa Amini (IBM Research Cambridge), Ben Carterette (Spotify), Jaime Teevan (Microsoft), and Manuela Veloso (J.P. Morgan Chase AI Research).

Accessible Technology for AllAccessible Technology for All

CRA Workshop on “Accessible Technology for All”

CRA is planning an Accessible Technology for All workshop co-hosted by CRA-Industry (CRA-I), Computing Community Consortium (CCC), and CRA-Widening Participation (CRA-WP) on February 22-23, 2023 in Washington, DC. This workshop is one of the activities CRA is currently pursuing under the umbrella of Socially Responsible Computing, one of the topics identified in the recent CRA Strategic Planning Effort.

The purpose of this workshop is to convene academic, industry, and government representatives to vision ways to make all technology accessible and why that is important and necessary for society as a whole. If you are interested in learning more about this workshop or other activities, please reach out to industryinfo@cra.org and let us know. This workshop will be in-person only with no hybrid option. Individual invitations will be sent out to community members before the end of the year.


Inaugural CRA-Industry Meeting at Snowbird

CRA-Industry held its inaugural meeting at the 2022 CRA Conference at Snowbird in which over 60 participants from academia, industry, and government attended. The goal of the meeting was to bring together computer researchers and introduce them to the Computing Research Association’s newest committee and generate ideas of how CRA-I can expand and interact with the computer science research community.


Best Practices on Using the Cloud for Computing Research Workshop

The Computing Research Association‘s newest committee, Computing Research Association-Industry, held their first workshop at the end of March on Best Practices on Using the Cloud for Computing Research. It brought together 30 participants in a hybrid format in Washington, DC from industry, academia, and government. This workshop was based off of a very successful September 2021 roundtable event, in which over 50 members of the community attended. The goal of the workshop was to continue the momentum from the roundtable and identify best practices on using the cloud to enhance computing research. Discussions focused on three different areas: research, collaboration, and education/workforce development.


Virtual Roundtable on Building Stronger Regional Academia-Industry-Government Computing Research Partnerships

The Computing Research Association-Industry Committee is delighted to announce an upcoming virtual Roundtable on Building Stronger Regional Academia-Industry-Government Computing Research Partnerships on Wednesday, April 27th from 3:00-4:30 PM ET.

Regional hotspots for innovative and high impact computing research, including the Boston area and Silicon Valley, are iconic. But how did these regions develop as they did and what are key elements in the collaboration between academia, industry, and government that make them successful?

In this roundtable, CRA-Industry will convene computing research partners across academia, industry, and government from Atlanta, Georgia to understand elements of successful approaches and to discuss the value of partnerships and best practices leading to success.

CRA-I Website imageCRA-I Website image

CRA-Industry Launches New Website and Logo

The Computing Research Association’s newly formed Industry Committee (CRA-I) is pleased to announce the release of our new logo and website.

CRA-I was created in the Fall of 2020 with the goal of reaching out to industry partners involved in computing research and giving them new opportunities to convene and connect on topics of mutual interest with academia and government.

The committee recognizes the diversity of companies that participate in the computing research ecosystem and seeks to enable those companies, big and small, to get the greatest benefit from sharing their experiences with each other. Furthermore, CRA-I recognizes that many companies not traditionally contributing or benefitting from computing research are now actively engaging with the computing research community. We seek to help such companies engage, contribute, and participate in the computing research community for the benefit of all.