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Nadya BlissNadya Bliss

Vice Chair of the CCC, Dr. Nadya Bliss is Appointed to the National Academies’ Climate Security Roundtable

The Computing Community Consortium would like to congratulate the Vice Chair of the CCC, Dr. Nadya Bliss, on her appointment to the National Academies’ Climate Security Roundtable.

In January of 2021, Congress voted to direct the National Academies to establish the Climate Security Roundtable, which will provide expert support to the federal Climate Security Advisory Council (CSAC) in foreseeing and preventing climate security crises from escalating into issues of national security. This roundtable will facilitate conversations and collaboration surrounding a number of topics, including dissemination of relevant climate change data and information, discussion of understudied risks associated with climate change, improvements to existing climate change models and simulations, and any other capabilities or developments considered essential by the CSAC. The Climate Security Roundtable is comprised of experts in academia, industry, and civil society and will operate through September of 2025.