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Articles from the Computing Research Association Board Chair, Susan Davidson.

Ellen ZeguraEllen Zegura

Message from the CRA Board Chair

To the computing research community –

From my calendar, March 4, 2020: Working on a Mobicom submission, meeting a faculty candidate one-on-one, meeting with two students for an ongoing research project, meeting with the undergraduate lead for the Bits of Good student organization, talking by phone to a department chair about a two-body opportunity. Anticipating my younger daughter coming home for spring break. Going to yoga.

4 weeks later: BlueJeans presentations by three project participants, BlueJeans faculty candidate talk, Skype research meeting with two students on same ongoing research project, Zoom call about CRA strategic planning, BlueJeans student presentation for Bits of Good organization, one more BlueJeans meeting. Daughter is home for good. Yoga by YouTube.

Much is the same. Surprisingly much is the same. But also everything is different.

Ellen ZeguraEllen Zegura

Message from the Board Chair: Update on CRA Strategic Planning Effort

To the CRA community –

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a progress update on the CRA strategic planning effort. Over the course of October and November, the consultants from Greenway will hold focus group interviews with the steering committee for CRA-WP, the membership of the CCC, and the staff of CRA. They will also conduct interviews with individuals representing a variety of stakeholder groups for CRA, including academic and industry thought leaders, federal funders, heads of industrial and government research labs, and non-member institutions. In the spring, there will be an opportunity for all member institutions to provide input via a survey. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments on the strategic planning effort, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the steering committee.

Ellen ZeguraEllen Zegura

Message from the Board Chair: CRA Launches Strategic Planning Process

I am writing to share the timeline and process for the strategic planning effort that CRA is undertaking, as well as to highlight some of the opportunities for you to be involved. The ultimate goal of strategic planning is to determine how CRA can best serve its members and the computing research community.  Given the many challenges and opportunities, it is imperative that we clearly understand the needs of our members and focus our activities to address those needs.

Ellen ZeguraEllen Zegura

Message from the Incoming Board Chair

On July 1, Ellen Zegura will become chair of the CRA Board of Directors. Zegura is the Fleming Professor in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. 

I am delighted to take the mantle from Susan Davidson as the next chair of the CRA Board. Under Sue’s leadership CRA strengthened its position in leadership and service to the computing community in North America and beyond. Over the next year CRA and the Board are embarking on a strategic planning effort to think broadly and ambitiously about the future of the organization. I welcome your thoughts on this or any other CRA issue at any time. I can be reached at ewz@cc.gatech.edu.

Photo of Susan DavidsonPhoto of Susan Davidson

CRA Board Member Highlight: IEEE Honors Susan Davidson With TCDE Impact Award

This year, CRA Board Chair Susan Davidson received the IEEE TCDE Impact Award for “expanding the reach of data engineering within scientific disciplines.” In this interview, Davidson reveals how her interest in bioinformatics came about and how her career led to this award. Two of her favorite problems have been data integration and data provenance.