This article is published in the May 2013 issue.

CRA-W/CDC REU Participants Plan to Enter Graduate Programs at a Higher Rate



Two samples of undergraduate students graduating with computing majors indicated their plans for the fall; data were collected during the spring of 2011 and 2012. CRA-W/CDC REU participants indicated that they planned to enroll in a computer science graduate program in the fall at a higher rate than any other type of students, p ≤ .05. Note:Majority male students = Asian + White men. Underrepresented minorities and women (URM+W) = American Indian, Black, Hawaiian or Hispanic men + women of all ethnic/racial backgrounds. Other research experiences = research projects at one’s home institution during the school year + summer research projects at one’s home institution or another university. CRA-W/CDC REU programs = Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU) + Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU) + Multidisciplinary Research Opportunities for Women (MRO-W).

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