This article is published in the June 2013 issue.

First Video in CCC Computing Research in Action Series Released

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technology at the University of Delaware

In September 2012, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) launched “Computing Research in Action,” a new video series in partnership with Patrick Sammon (Story Center Productions), Executive Producer of the Codebreaker film.  The series is an expansion of our popular “Highlight of the Week” feature, in which we highlight each week exciting and important recent research results throughout the field.  Through Computing Research in Action, the CCC plans to periodically develop two- to five-minute video segments on selected research to showcase on our website and YouTube channel. We are pleased to announce our first Computing Research in Action video, which showcases Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology being developed at the University of Delaware.

v2g-crnEarlier this year, Patrick traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, to interview Fouad Kiamilev, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and his team of researchers on the V2G project.  Using a fleet of 15 Mini Coopers donated to the University of Delaware by BMW, the V2G project facilitates power from a parked electric vehicle to send stored energy back to the grid into power markets, allowing owners to sell energy in times of need.

“Vehicle to grid is one way that you could amortize the cost [of an electric vehicle],” says Kimilev. “You could leverage selling your battery capacity when it’s not being used back to the grid and offset the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle.”

Results from trials show that an estimated $150 per month per vehicle could be earned through the V2G technology.

Check out our first Computing Research in Action video. The work featured in the video has been the subject of a recent New York Times article, which can be viewed here.

We encourage you to submit your research project for consideration! Selected projects will receive a $1500 travel award for a research team member to present the featured work at a conference. To learn more, and to submit your research project for consideration, check out Computing Research in Action today!