This article is published in the February 2014 issue.

Computing Faculty Members Report Feeling Over Worked – Especially Women

Computing Faculty Members Report Feeling Over Worked – Especially Women


251 faculty members (82 women; 169 men) from a sample of 56 computing departments in the U.S. indicated that they feel over worked (i.e., the average response was above the midpoint). Women reported feeling significantly more overworked than men, p < .05. One explanation for this gender difference may be that women tend to take on more responsibilities outside of their normal workload than men (e.g., departmental or university service).

Note: Of the 56 departments surveys, 43% were PhD granting departments; 18% were terminal Masters degree granting departments; 25% were Bachelors granting. Faculty members’ career ranking breakdown was as follows: 21% Assistant Professor; 28% Associate Professor; 32% Full Professor; 19% non-tenure track or other type of faculty. Faculty were asked to “How often do you experience each of the following…”, using a (1) Never to (5) Always scale. Individual items are found on the x axis of the figure above.

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