This article is published in the April 2014 issue.

Postdoc Best Practices Award Recipients Announced

The Computing Community Consortium and the National Science Foundation are very excited to announce the recipients of awards for the Postdoc Best Practices program. In September, an RFP was released by the CCC to create programs to develop, implement, and institutionalize the implementation of best practices for supporting postdocs in the computer science and engineering field.

The recipients of the awards are:

  • A Foundational Model for Postdoctoral Programs in Computer Science & Engineering at Large Universities; Arizona State University; Chitta Baral, Lead PI
  • Taking Collective Responsibility for the Postdoc Experience at the University of Washington; Gaetano Borriello, Lead PI
  • ASCENT: Advancing Computer Science Careers through Enhanced Networking and Training; Columbia University, City University of New York, Cornell University, New York University, Shih-Fu Cheng, Lead PI

Summaries of each program will be available on the Postdoc Best Practices website ( and in next month’s Computing Research News.

Postdoc Best Practices Award Recipients Announced