This article is published in the November 2014 issue.

Majority of Undergraduates Plan to Continue Pursuing Computing


During the spring semester of 2014, we asked a sample of undergraduate students who were graduating/had graduated during the 2013-2014 academic year about their plans for the after graduation. 84% of students planned to continue pursuing computing in some capacity. The vast majority of students (62%) had plans to work in a computing field right after college. Of the full sample, only 9% planned to pursue a PhD in the field of computing.

Notes on the sample: Total N = 384. Students were graduating from the following distribution of Institution Types: 64% PhD granting; 16% Terminal M.S. granting and B.S. granting; 17% B.S. granting only; 3% missing information. The Gender distribution of the sample was as follows: 27% women; 72% men; 1% no response. The Racecomposition of the sample was as follows: 21% Asian; 4% African American/Black; 5% Hispanic/Latina/o; 8% Mixed Race; 57% White; 5% Other/No Response. Students’Citizenship status was as follows: 89% U.S. citizen; 2% permanent residents; 7% non-citizens with temporary visa; 2% missing information.

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