This article is published in the February 2015 issue.

CRA Introduces New Benefits for Members!

New this year, CRA members will receive priority acceptance, and a preferred CRA-Member rate to support eligible graduate students participation in the CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop.


Grad Cohort benefits will vary each year based on available funding. This year, CRA-W will fully fund three Grad Cohort applicants per department, and CRA-Members will have the option to fund any additional students at the preferred rate of $850 per person.

Another benefit to CRA-Members that we’ve recently added is the academic version of the 2015 CRA-W Grad Cohort Graduating Class document. It includes information about recent Grad Cohort Alums that are nearing graduation and are either 1) MS graduate students looking for PhD programs, or 2) PhD graduate students looking for faculty positions.

CRA-W and Microsoft recently collaborated to produce a video highlighting Grad Cohort. Check it out here.

CRA members and volunteers support:

  • Visioning future directions of the field
  • Ongoing initiatives that help shape public policy relevant to our community
  • Building a strong, diverse pipeline of students in the field

In addition to the many initiatives that CRA member dues support, our members receive the following direct member benefits:

  • Credits for job posting services
  • Reduced registration fees for CRA’s Conference at Snowbird and other workshops and seminars
  • Taulbee Survey results in mid-February (before May release)
  • The right to vote in CRA Board elections
  • Access to mailing lists (CRA Members List and CRA Forsythe List of North American Ph.D.-granting departments in computing-related disciplines.)

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