This article is published in the March 2016 issue.

CRA at AAAS Family Science Days

Juliana assisting a participant.

Juliana assisting a participant.

The Computing Research Association had an action-packed weekend engaging the public with science at AAAS Family Science Days, February 13-14. There was a high turnout of families from the Washington, D.C. area who were eager to learn more about science and have some fun with hands on activities.

CRA staff along with two representatives from Chibitronics presented the Circuit Stickers Project, where participants got to create, craft and code a light-up card with LED circuits. There was a constant stream of traffic to the CRA booth, with kids and adults excited to make their own creations.



One participant added the circuit and LED lights to his model of the international space station.

It was a joy to hear participants of all ages exclaim, “This is so cool!” when their cards successfully lit up. For many, it sparked a curiosity about electricity and circuits, and we were able to engage in conversations about how it all works. Several participants were inspired to create their own designs and apply what they learned to light up all kinds of objects.

CRA would like to thank the two Chibitronics representatives, Alisha Panjwani and Juliana Nazaré, for assisting the CRA staff and for their expertise. Alisha and Juliana are researchers at the MIT Media Lab.

The CRA project was part of a larger exhibit focused on engaging youth in robotics and circuitry with KID Museum and Robotics Education & Competition Foundation.