This article is published in the June 2017 issue.

Jennifer Rexford Announced as the 2017 NCWIT Harrold and Notkin Award Recipient

Computing Community Consortium (CCC) council member Dr. Jennifer RexfordProfessor and Computer Science Department Chair at Princeton University, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Harrold and Notkin Research and Graduate Mentoring Award.

The award, sponsored by the NCWIT Board of Directors, recognizes faculty members from non-profit institutions who distinguish themselves with outstanding research and excellent graduate mentoring, as well as those who recruit, encourage, and promote women and minorities in computing fields. It is bestowed in memory of Mary Jean Harrold and David Notkin, in honor of their outstanding research, graduate mentoring, and diversity contributions. Harrold and Notkin were both CRA board members.

Rexford spent eight years as a researcher at AT&T Labs Research before joining the faculty at Princeton, from which she received her undergraduate degree, in 2005. From a research standpoint, she is best known for her advances in the field of computer networking, including her earlier work in network routing stability and more recent research that is commonly viewed as having played a central role in launching the field of software-defined networking (SDN).

Dr. Rexford was honored at the 2017 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT, and her institution will be gifted $5,000 from NCWIT.

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