This article is published in the September 2018 issue.

CRA Taulbee Survey Announcement

The 2018 CRA Taulbee Survey will be starting soon. As has been our recent practice, the survey will be split into two parts, salary and main (everything else). This allows us to set an earlier deadline for the salary section in order to produce a preliminary salary report in December, while giving departments more time to collect and enter the information in the rest of the survey if needed.

Change to Data Collection on Teaching Faculty
There is a major change beginning this year for teaching faculty data collection. Based on last fall’s Teaching Position Survey and the work of the CRA Teaching Faculty committee, we will be separating the group we previously called non-tenure-track teaching faculty into two categories: those with more professor-like responsibilities, and those who are more instructor-like. Details on this division and how to categorize your academic unit’s teaching faculty will be provided in the survey instructions.

Additional Questions In This Year’s Survey
In addition to the usual questions about students and faculty, this year’s survey will include the Department Profiles questions last asked in 2015 (teaching load, department space, etc.) and will repeat some of the questions asked in the 2015 survey on the enrollment surge so that we can see what further impact may have resulted from three additional years of growth.

Taulbee Schedule

  • By September 17: All doctoral departments will be contacted to update Taulbee user information. The academic unit head will receive an email and so will the Taulbee primary contact, if separate. Pdf will be available for data gathering.
  • September 19: Both Salary and Main surveys open for input
  • November 27: Due date for salary section.
  • Late December: Preliminary salary report available to participants.
  • January 15, 2019: Due date for the main Taulbee section.
  • April 2019: Full Taulbee report to CRA members and participating departments.
  • May 2019: Published in CRN.

The Taulbee Survey is open to all academic units that grant doctorates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information.  If you have any questions, contact Betsy Bizot at



CRA Taulbee Survey Announcement