This article is published in the May 2019 issue.

2018 Taulbee Survey: Undergrad Enrollment Continues Upward; Doctoral Degree Production Declines but Doctoral Enrollment Rises

2018 CRA Taulbee Survey

This article and the accompanying figures and tables present the results from the 48th annual CRA Taulbee Survey, which documents trends in student enrollment, degree production, employment of graduates, and faculty salaries in academic units in the United States and Canada that grant the Ph.D. in computer science, computer engineering, or information.

This year’s survey includes for the first time data about the existence of online and hybrid master’s programs, and about the size of startup packages for new assistant professors. We also obtained more fine-grained information about teaching faculty and about the previous position held by new faculty hires. This year’s survey also included questions asked only every three years, about such matters as teaching loads, space, support staff, recruitment incentives and reasons for salary differential among grad students, and sources of external research funding.