This article is published in the April 2022 issue.

Virtual Roundtable on Building Stronger Regional Academia-Industry-Government Computing Research Partnerships

Industry Virtual roundtable

The Computing Research Association-Industry Committee is delighted to announce an upcoming virtual Roundtable on Building Stronger Regional Academia-Industry-Government Computing Research Partnerships on Wednesday, April 27th from 3:00-4:30 PM ET.

Regional hotspots for innovative and high impact computing research, including the Boston area and Silicon Valley, are iconic. But how did these regions develop as they did and what are key elements in the collaboration between academia, industry, and government that make them successful?

In this roundtable, CRA-Industry will convene computing research partners across academia, industry, and government from Atlanta, Georgia to understand elements of successful approaches and to discuss the value of partnerships and best practices leading to success. Questions that will be considered include:

  • What AIG partnerships are most beneficial and how does each partner benefit?
  • What are the greatest obstacles to forming strong AIG partnerships and how to overcome them?
  • What is the best way to engage local or federal government in such partnerships?
  • What university initiatives are likely to lead to successful partnerships with local industry?
  • What is the best way to form partnerships with all companies, beyond computing-centric, that are involved or want to be involved in computing research?

Confirmed speakers include Erwin Gianchandani (National Science Foundation Senior Advisor for Translation, Innovation, and Partnerships), Charles Isbell (Dean of Computing and The John P. Imlay Jr. Chair at Georgia Tech), Greg King (Associate Vice President for Economic Development at Georgia Tech), Phyllis Schneck (Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Northrop Grumman) and Peter M. Williams (Director of Community Strategy & Engagement for BlackRock Atlanta). Read more about them here.

Please register here if you are interested in joining the webinar.