This article is published in the August 2022 issue.

CRA Welcomes Tracy Camp as Executive Director

Tracy Camp

On July 1st, Dr. Tracy Camp officially took the helm as CRA Executive Director. Prior to joining CRA, Camp was the Founding Department Head of Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines (now Emeritus Professor). She brings to CRA strong experience as a leader in the computing research community, a history of spearheading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in computing, and a detailed vision for leading CRA into the future. To improve communication with the community, Camp plans to launch a new “Executive Director’s Column” in Computing Research News.

Camp is an ACM and IEEE Fellow, with research interests in wireless networking. She is most known for improving the credibility of wireless networking simulation studies. Camp has received over 20 grants from the National Science Foundation, including an NSF Career award. In total, her projects have received over $20 million dollars in external funding.

Camp is the first woman to serve as Executive Director of CRA. She succeeds Andrew Bernat, who served CRA for nearly 20 years before retiring in September, 2021. Special kudos go out to Peter Harsha, CRA’s Senior Director of Government Affairs, for additionally serving as Interim Executive Director since September. Many thanks to Harsha and Bernat as we welcome Camp aboard!