This article is published in the March 2024 issue.

Reminder: Join a Roundtable to Discuss the Next Grand Challenges in Computing

By Catherine Gill, Program Associate, CCC

The Computing Community Consortium’s (CCC) Grand Challenges task force is engaging in a new visioning activity to identify the next grand challenges that will shape the future of our field. We’re seeking visionary thinkers and researchers to join us in this exciting exploration.

These virtual roundtable discussions will aim to consider the whole of the field of computing in this context and ask what the new fundamentally “computing research” issues might be that could produce a new set of “Grand Challenges” for our field.  In the way in which challenges around Health, Climate, Energy, Sustainability, and Agriculture draw those from many disciplines (including computing research) into their grand challenges, what are the fundamentally new computing research questions that could inspire and motivate a similar global, interdisciplinary response?  What computing challenges are truly “Grand Challenges”?

CCC expects to host 3-to-5 virtual sessions in spring 2024. For more information, please read the full Call for Participation on the CCC website

To apply to join one of these virtual roundtables, please fill out this brief form