This article is published in the April 2024 issue.

CRA-Industry Dual Appointment Community Survey

By Helen V. Wright, Manger, CRA-I

Many computing schools/departments are undergoing a transformation in their industry interactions. Notably, there’s a rise in dual appointments within our academic and industry community.

The Computing Research Association (CRA)’s newest committee CRA-Industry (CRA-I) is actively exploring the evolution of industry interactions and is reaching out for your insights through this concise survey. Your participation is pivotal to CRA being able to offer a breadth-of-practices document to the community this summer, highlighting the various arrangements, benefits, and concerns of dual appointments.

Completing the survey is a brief process, and we expect it to take less than 15 minutes of your time. We anticipate being able to share a summary report with the computing research community at CRA’s flagship conference at Snowbird, Utah in July.  

Please fill out the survey by May 1, 2024.