This article is published in the May 2024 issue.

New Resource on BPC Shared Measures

By Andres Purpuro, Program Assistant, CERP, and Toyamim Rahman, Program Associate, CERP 

CRA is excited to announce the launch of the BPC Shared Measures Page on This collaborative effort, as part of the “BPC-DP: Developing Shared Measures Among the BPC Community” project, has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF award 2137842) as a BPC demonstration project.

Collaborating with the NSF BPC Alliances, CRA’s Center for Evaluating the Research Pipeline (CERP) and SageFox Consulting Group led this initiative that builds upon prior data collection efforts and was completed in four phases: framing, collaborative work, NSF BPC Alliance implementation efforts, and aggregating lessons learned, sharing findings, and defining a sustainability plan. The project team also worked with Dr. Monica McGill and Dr. Julie Smith, Institute for Advancing Computing Education (, to create a technical report that documented the process of coming up with a shared measurement framework, and lessons learned throughout the process. 

What to expect

Explore a framework for standardizing metrics and assessment tools designed to promote transparency, partnership, and continuous improvement across BPC efforts. The BPC Shared Measures project has resulted in two sets of measurement templates: participation data template and capacity building data template. Whether you’re a faculty member, researcher, or administrator involved in BPC, this resource provides valuable insights for improving data collection and assessment.

How to access

Visit the BPC Shared Measures Page today at to explore this resource. For any questions or feedback, please contact the BPCnet team at