Archive of articles published in the 2009 issue.

New Directions at DARPA

In July, Dr. Regina Dugan was sworn in as the 19th Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. In September she visited six universities: Virginia Tech (her undergraduate alma mater), Texas A&M, UCLA, Caltech (her graduate alma mater), Stanford, and UC Berkeley. Here are some of the messages she delivered during these visits

Empowering Leadership – An Expanding NSF Alliance Impacting Minority Scholars Nationwide

The Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) program within the CISE Directorate at the National Science Foundation (NSF), headed up by Program Director Jan Cuny, demonstrates NSF’s serious commitment to increasing the participation of those who have long been underrepresented in computing. Numerous BPC Alliances and Demonstration Projects provide a wide range of services for many underrepresented groups. One such alliance, the Empowering Leadership…

Breaking the Image

For many institutions, early fall features Family Weekend events, when parents and families return to campus to visit their children and hear about research and educational activities occurring within the department. Especially for parents of first-year students, it is also an opportunity to hear about directions and opportunities in the field, as their children make decisions on a degree major.

CCC Update Landmark Contributions by Students in Computer Science

Federal investment in university-based research produces the ideas and the people that make the United States the world leader in innovation. If our nation wants researchers tomorrow, then our nation must support the education of researchers today. Educating researchers is commonly viewed as an apprenticeship process. Every Ph.D. dissertation breaks new ground, of course, but relatively few are game-changing.

Engaging High School Students in Interdisciplinary Studies

The United States and Canada have been facing a reduction in enrollments in computer science courses and a drop in the number of offerings of high school courses in computing and related subjects. In this report, we will discuss a recent attempt to reinvigorate the stream of high school students interested in this topic. We hope that more students will become interested in computer science if they can pursue interesting applications than if they are only learning to program for its own sake.

A Transition

It’s been a great honor—not to mention a lot of fun—to serve on the Board of Directors of the Computing Research Association. My participation on the board has been truly fulfilling, in large part because the importance of CRA to the computing research community has grown markedly in recent years, and also because of the many great colleagues I’ve met along the way. Now, as the Board Chair, I have come to understand fully how much CRA has accomplished in recent years and how many great opportunities it has to make a difference for the community.

NetSE Council Announces Networking Research Agenda

The Network Science and Engineering (NetSE) Council of CRA’s Computing Community Consortium, led by Georgia Tech’s Ellen Zegura, released an agenda for networking research at the GENI Engineering Conference in Seattle in late July. CCC charged the NetSE Council with developing a comprehensive research agenda that would support the development of better networks. Through a series of workshops and a tremendous amount of community input, the NetSE Council evolved the current draft.

A National Roadmap for Robotics

Over the last year, as part of CRA’s CCC program, a group of researchers has formulated a national roadmap for robotics. Robotics programs over the past decade have been scattered across agencies with little or limited cohesion. In 2006, a group of senior community members requested support from the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) to generate a roadmap that would address not only basic research, but national needs ranging from basic research to industrial needs. A series of four workshops were organized during the summer of 2008 to formulate the roadmap.