Published: November 2018, Issue: Vol. 30/No.10, Download as PDF

Archive of articles published in the November 2018, Vol. 30/No.10 issue.


Are You Working on the Taulbee Survey?
The CRA Taulbee Survey is in progress.
Late December: Preliminary salary report available to participants.
January 15, 2019: Due date for the main Taulbee section.

Upcoming Nomination Deadlines
Candidates Sought for CRA Board of Directors (November 30)
CRA Distinguished Service Award (December 7)
A. Nico Habermann Award (December 7)
CRA-E Graduate Fellows Program (January 28, 2019)

Serve as a Rotator at the National Science Foundation to Influence Computer and Information Science Research and Funding

It is an exciting, impactful, and important time to be in computer science, not only as a researcher or educator, but also as an expert serving the community – and we want to invite you to consider opportunities for service at the National Science Foundation (NSF).

NSF’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) provides more than 80 percent of the federal funding for academic computer science research in our country.  CISE also supports computing education at all levels (from K-12 through graduate education), as well as advanced research cyberinfrastructure for all areas of science and engineering.