ACM Ubiquity’s Innovation Leaders Initiative: Contact the Editor

Bushra AnjumCongratulations to CRA-W alumna, Dr. Bushra Anjum, who has recently been selected as a senior editor for ACM Ubiquity, ACM’s peer-reviewed web-based magazine devoted to the future of computing and the people who are creating it. She has started a new initiative called Innovation Leaders for Ubiquity which consists of interviews of young professionals, who comment on their concerns about the future of computing and their ambitions to shape the future through their leadership. Through this section, Dr. Anjum aims to highlight the efforts of the young professionals in terms of ground-breaking technical ideas, evolving the ethics and behaviors associated with the computing industry and academia, and minimizing the negative social implications of technology.

In the launch interview of Innovation Leaders, Dr. Anjum shared her vision of the future of computing workforce and emphasized that a successful engineer of the future is a generalist with a trained interdisciplinary and cross-functional mindset and whose training is augmented by the key human values of creativity, empathy, and flexibility. You can read, or audio stream, the full conversation here:

Ubiquity ‘Innovation Leaders’ is eager to promote success stories featuring the dynamic CRA community. If you are interested in being interviewed as an innovation leader or know of someone who should be featured, contact her via Twitter @DrBushraAnjum.