CREU 2016-2017 Projects

Role Name College/University Project Title Final Report
Mentor Sambit Bhattacharya Fayetteville State University Cooperative Robotics for Target Search and Coverage Final Report
Participant Ashlee Gaskins Fayetteville State University Ashlee’s Project Blog
Participant Brittany Jennette Fayetteville State University Brittany’s Project Blog
Participant Daphne Faircloth Fayetteville State University Daphne’s Project Blog
Participant Donny Lopera Fayetteville State University Donny’s Project Blog
Mentor Bogdan Czejdo Fayetteville State University Automated Abnormal Behavior Detection in Crowds from Multi-camera Videos Final Report
Participant John Futrell Fayetteville State University  John’s Project Blog
Participant Lee Gibson Fayetteville State University  Lee’s Project Blog
Participant Catherine Spooner Fayetteville State University Catherine’s Project Blog
Participant Samuel Cooper Fayetteville State University Samuel’s Project Blog
Mentor Ayanna Howard Georgia Institute of Technology Robot Mobility for Children Final Report
Participant Ernest Williams Georgia Institute of Technology Ernest’s Project Blog
Mentor Devorah Kletenik CUNY, Brooklyn College Motivational Feedback in Game-Based Learning for Advanced Programming Final Report
Participant Claudia Bergeron CUNY, Brooklyn College Claudia’s Project Blog
Participant Chava Shulman CUNY, Brooklyn College Chava’s Project Blog
Participant Florencia Salinas Comuzzi CUNY, Brooklyn College Florencia’s Project Blog
Mentor Cayla McBee Providence College Prime Labelings of Hypercube Graphs Final Report
Mentor Linda Wilkens Providence College Prime Labelings of Hypercube Graphs
Participant Giana Solviletti Providence College Giana’s Project Blog
Participant Kayla Johnson Providence College Kayla’s Project Blog
Participant Michelle Cruz Providence College Michelle’s Project Blog
Mentor Darakhshan Mir Bucknell University Privacy Decisions in Human-Data Interaction Final Report
Mentor Evan Peck Bucknell University Privacy Decisions in Human-Data Interaction
Participant Brooke Bullek Bucknell University Brooke’s Project Blog
Participant Stephanie Garboski Bucknell University Stephanie’s Project Blog
Mentor Catherine Putonti Loyola University of Chicago Harvesting Viral Genomes from Sequences of Complex Communities Final Report
Participant Andrea Garretto Loyola University of Chicago Andrea’s Project Blog
Participant Alexandria Miley Loyola University of Chicago Alexandria’s Project Blog
Mentor Selma Sabanovic Indiana University at Bloomington “Ask Watson”: Analyzing group effects in collaborative decision-making with robots Final Report
Participant Margaret Krupp Indiana University at Bloomington Margaret’s Project Blog
Participant Anne Lin Indiana University at Bloomington Anne’s Project Blog
Participant Catherine Sembroski Indiana University at Bloomington Catherine’s Project Blog
Mentor Bonita Sharif Youngstown State University Improving Stack Overflow Tag Prediction Using Eye Tracking Final Report
Participant Ali Morris Youngstown State University Ali’s Project Blog
Participant Alyssa Pawluk Youngstown State University Alyssa’s Project Blog
Participant Jenna Wise Youngstown State University Jenna’s Project Blog
Mentor Amber Stubbs Simmons College Identifying and Analyzing Security Vulnerabilities in Brain­-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) Final Report
Participant Amal Saeed Simmons College Amal’s Project Blog
Participant Jazzmine White Simmons College Jazzmine’s Project Blog
Mentor Nanette Veilleux Simmons College Intonation and Evidence Final Report
Participant Karina Bercan Simmons College Karina’s Project Blog
Participant Sara Harland Simmons College Sara’s Project Blog
Participant Emily Chicklis Simmons College Emily’s Project Blog
Mentor Amber Wagner Kennesaw State University Analyzing the Potential of Learning Reading and Math Skills Through Computational Thinking Final Report
Participant Deja Jackson Kennesaw State University Deja’s Project Blog Final Report
Participant Erica Pantoja Kennesaw State University Erica’s Project Blog
Participant Cindi Simmons Kennesaw State University Cindi’s Project Blog
Participant Kathelyn (Kate) Zelaya Kennesaw State University Kathelyn’s Project Blog
Mentor Gloria Washington Howard University Towards an Ear Classification Scheme for Improved Biometric Recognition Final Report
Participant Errol Grannum Howard University Errol’s Project Blog
Participant Morgan Williams Howard University Morgan’s Project Blog
Mentor Shirley Yap California State University, Hayward Performing meta-analysis of dimensionality reduction techniques to create a dataset and method taxonomy. Final Report
Participant Linda Beverly California State University, Hayward Linda’s Project Blog
Mentor Jinghua Zhang Winston-Salem State University Developing a Mobile Game to Increase Cyber Security Awareness Final Report
Participant Jaris Johnson Winston-Salem State University Jaris’ Project Blog
Participant Patrickson Weanquoi Winston-Salem State University Patrickson’s Project Blog
Mentor Jun Zheng New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Smartphone-based College Class Attendance Tracking and
Its Usability
Final Report
Participant Eugene Garcia New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Eugene’s Project Blog
Participant Hugo Rivera New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Hugo’s Project Blog
Participant Nicolas Ponder New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Nicolas’ Project Blog
Mentor Elvira Rebecca Caldwell Winston-Salem State University Investigation of Academic Performance, Motivation, and Personality Traits in an Introductory Computer Programming Course Final Report
Participant Lisa Hauser Winston-Salem State University Lisa’s Project Blog
Participant Haven Hairston Winston-Salem State University Haven’s Project Blog
Participant Nia Lewis Winston-Salem State University Nia’s Project Blog
Mentor Syed Qamar Raza Talladega College Cyber Security Job market Analysis: Mapping between demand and supply in the industry Final Report
Participant Tiara Threadford Talladega College Tiara’s Project Blog
Participant DeArtez Grace Talladega College Deartez’s Project Blog
Participant Gregory Moore Talladega College Gregory’s Project Blog