New Program: CRA-W GHC Research Scholars

CRA-W is proud to announce their new program, the CRA-W GHC Research Scholars Program.

The GHC Research Scholars program brings undergraduate women to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration.

The purpose of this program is to provide attendees an unique experience, providing them a mentor, networking opportunities, and advising.

The program will utilize the  availability of role models  and existing programming at the Grace Hopper Celebration, while simultaneously providing guidance  to research-interested students on how to navigate  the vast offerings at the conference and opportunities to meet and interact with students and mentors  with similar interests in small-group  settings. The program  will include gatherings  on the  first and  last  days of the  conference.

For more information about eligibility, please visit the program page.

Apply today for the scholarship!
Deadline: September 6th, 2016