Register for the Next Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall: June 28

Speaker: Aneeta Uppal

Research Presentation:  A Knowledge Base Analysis for Rosemary Officinalis Essential Oil

As the world of essential oils continues to grow, researchers are becoming intrigued by what possible therapeutic benefits these oils may contain. This presentation will go over how a knowledge base on already existing data from multiple platforms can be used to predict the possible molecular mechanisms of essential oils by looking at their chemical constituents.

Mentor Presentation: Making Your Health a Priority in Graduate School
This presentation will focus on making time for yourself and your health while in graduate school. Stress, deadlines, and conflicts can bring everyone down. It’s important to pay attention to how you fuel your body, cope with stress and address possible mental health issues. Failing to cope with stress in a healthy way can manifest into medical issues that the speaker will address from her own personal experience.

Post-Discussion Chat: Join Aneeta Uppal & Lori Pollock for a chat to continue the discussion about undergraduate research opportunities, meet fellow students, and share your experiences.

Join us June 28th at 5:00pm ET