What the SWSIS scholarship has meant to me…

I was honored and very grateful to receive the SWSIS from ACSA in 2012. By allowing me to focus full-time on my studies, the scholarship is helping make possible the completion of my Masters in Computer Science at UCLA.

I’ve been exposed to many facets of information security while at school, and I interned at one of the largest software security firms one summer; through these experiences, I’ve come to realize what a vibrant, current, and critical field the study of information security is. With so much of our lives moving online, and with technological applications rapidly developing and constantly shifting, understanding and addressing the security issues that arise is a critical endeavor. I am also continuing to deepen my awareness of the difficulties women face in the STEM fields, and in Computer Science in particular. Scholarships like SWSIS are vital in addressing these issues, in that they provide support for more women to reach for and access educational opportunities in the field.

— Kim Swennen, SWSIS 2012 Winner