This article is published in the November 2012 issue.

CCC Launches “Computing Research in Action”

For the last few years the Computing Community Consortium has profiled exciting computing research projects in its “Highlight of the Week” feature. In an effort to take our Highlight of the Week feature to a new level, we are launching a video series called “Computing Research in Action.”

The CCC will develop a series of two- to five-minute video segments on selected research, and cover the on-site production and editing costs. Computer and information scientists and engineers (faculty and students alike, we hope!) featured in these spots will have an opportunity to demonstrate their research projects and describe what led to the interesting new results. Our aim is to communicate the myriad of advances our field enables to the broader public.

The segments will be developed in partnership will local photographers and producers, and showcased on CCC’s website, blog, and YouTube channel. Selected projects will also receive a $1,500 travel award, which can be used by a member of the research team to cover travel to a conference to present the featured work.

To learn more, and to complete a very short web form to submit your research project for consideration, check out the Computing Research in Action website today!

CCC Launches “Computing Research in Action”