This article is published in the August 2014 issue.


Conquer:  A new website on undergraduate research and graduate school for students, mentors, and advisers

What is research in computer science?  How can I find a research experience? Why should I consider going to graduate school in computer science?  What are graduate schools looking forand how do I apply? These are questions undergraduates often ask their advisers and instructors. The new Conquer website ( seeks to provide answers.

The many valuable resources on the Conquer site include:

  • Material  for students on CS research, what graduate school is all about, and how to apply to graduate school.
  • Resources for faculty on best practices in mentoring undergraduates in research, funding opportunities for involving undergraduates in research, and resources for advising students on careers in research and applying to graduate school.
  • A complete slide deck advisers and faculty can use for a presentation on “Why Go To Graduate School?”
  • A listing service where faculty can post summer research opportunities and undergraduates can search for opportunities as well as links to REU sites and other undergraduate research programs
  • Please share this site with your students and colleagues.  We also encourage you to place a link to the Conquer site on your departmental website.

Conquer is co-sponsored by CRA, CRA-E, CRA-W, CCC, NCWIT, and CDC.


CRA Hosts 2014 Tisdale Fellows Luncheon


From left to right: Maxwell Kennedy, Business Software Alliance (Angelo State University), Valerie Hartwick, Dell Computers (University of Virginia), Man Nguyen, Technology CEO Council (UCLA), Cody Giddings, Hewlett Packard (University of Michigan), Yiyang Shen, Computing Research Association (NYU), Jorge Benavides, Worldwide Insight (UC Berkeley)

Taulbee Heads-up: Changes to the CRA Taulbee Survey for Fall 2014

In Fall 2014, the CRA Taulbee Survey will begin using a new survey platform. The content of the survey is not changing, but the process is. One early difference will be in assigning user IDs. Previously, there was one password per department or academic unit that was shared among everyone who entered data into the system for that unit. Now, each system user will have his or her own ID.

If you are a department chair or someone with Taulbee responsibility for your academic unit, you should hear from Betsy Bizot, CRA Director of Statistics and Evaluation, no later than August 15th, requesting a list of the individuals who should be authorized Taulbee users for your unit. If you do not hear from Betsy, please contact her at or

The September CRN will have more information about the 2014 Taulbee, including due dates and a preview of system changes.

As always, we appreciate the time the departments put into responding to the Taulbee survey.

Anne Condon Receives Technical Leadership ABIE Award Winner

From the Announcement:

“Dr. Anne Condon has made significant research contributions in computational complexity and bio-molecular computing. She is considered the world’s leading expert on DNA and RNA sequence design, and among the leading figures in DNA and RNA folding prediction. She has increased the numbers and success of women in computing research in the U.S. and Canada, both through flagship projects of CRA-W and through her own research supervision and mentoring.”