This article is published in the November 2014 issue.

Taulbee Survey Deadline November 19, 2014

Is your academic unit participating in the 2014 CRA Taulbee Survey? It’s not too late! The Taulbee Survey is the principal source of information on students and faculty in Ph.D.-granting computing programs in North America, and we’d like to include you.

Three reasons to participate in the CRA Taulbee Survey:

  • More complete participation = more accurate picture of trends in the field. Many people (hopefully you, too) turn to the Taulbee Survey for answers. But the information we can provide is only as good as the information we receive.
  • Participating departments get preliminary salary results at the end of December and complete results in advance of publication.
  • Beginning in spring 2015, the Taulbee Survey will offer an online benchmarking capability. Departments can compare their own responses to the aggregate responses of a self-defined peer group. But, this feature will only be available to CRA member departments that participate in Taulbee.

The preliminary deadline for salary data this year is November 19. The extended deadline is January 20 for the remaining Taulbee data: degrees awarded, student enrollment, faculty numbers, and research expenditures.

Departments that grant the Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information are eligible to participate in Taulbee. (Nondoctoral departments should check out the ACM survey of Non-doctoral Departments in Computing [NDC].)

For additional information on the Taulbee Survey, contact Dr. Betsy Bizot at or at 202-266-2943.