This article is published in the January 2017 issue.

January Announcements

Taulbee Announcement

Reminder: The main section of the Taulbee Survey (student and faculty numbers) is due January 18.

AAAS2016 AAAS Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has announced its 2016 Elected Fellows. Both former CRA Board Treasurer Phillip Bernstein (Microsoft Research) and current CRA Board Member Josep Torrellas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) were elected Fellows.

From the AAAS Fellows website:

“AAAS proudly congratulates the newly elected 2016 Fellows! In October 2016, the AAAS Council elected 391 members as Fellows of AAAS. Election as a Fellow honors members whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications in service to society have distinguished them among their peers and colleagues.”

Congratulations to all those elected Fellows.

ACM logo2016 Class of ACM Fellows

Recently, the ACM named 53 of its members as ACM Fellows for major contributions in areas including artificial intelligence, cryptography, computer architecture, high performance computing, and programming languages.

From the ACM press release:

“As nearly 100,000 computing professionals are members of our association, to be selected to join the top one percent is truly an honor,” explains ACM President Vicki L. Hanson.

“Fellows are chosen by their peers and hail from leading universities, corporations, and research labs throughout the world. Their inspiration, insights, and dedication bring immeasurable benefits that improve lives and help drive the global economy.”

Several CRA participants were named Fellows:

  • Carla Brodley (CRA-W emeritus member)
    Northeastern University
    For applications of machine learning and for increasing participation of women in computer science.
  • Shwetak Patel (CCC Council member)
    University of Washington
    For contributions to sustainability sensing, low-power wireless sensing and mobile health.
  • Holly Rushmeier (CRA-W board and CCC Council member)
    Yale University
    For work on global illumination, material capture and display of high-dynamic-range images.
  • Valerie E. Taylor (CRA and CRA-W former board member)
    Texas A&M University
    For leadership in broadening participation in computing
  • Manuela Veloso (CRA-W former board member)
    Carnegie Mellon University
    For contributions to the field of artificial intelligence, in particular in planning, learning, multi-agent systems, and robotics.

Congratulations to all the 2016 Fellows. Click here for the full list.

CRAECRA-E Graduate Fellows Program Accepting Applications

The Computing Research Association Education Committee (CRA-E) is now accepting applications for the CRA-E Graduate Fellows Program. The program provides opportunities for Ph.D. candidates in computing fields to contribute to CRA-E projects, network with computer science education advocates on the committee, engage in advocacy for mentoring undergraduate students, and promote undergraduate research and education at the national level.

CRA-E plans to appoint up to two graduate fellows per year, who will serve as members of the committee, providing a voice for graduate students. The fellows will attend the annual CRA-E meeting (travel expenses funded by CRA-E), serve on a CRA-E subcommittee related to their interests and expertise, and contribute to the CRA-E Conquer site, which provides resources for undergraduate research and applying to graduate school.

In 2016, CRA-E selected two Ph.D. students, Keith Feldman (Notre Dame University) and Max Grossman (Rice University), to serve as Fellows. Both Fellows have a history of mentoring undergraduates and advising them on pursuing graduate school and research. Click here to view a profile of Feldman and Grossman.

Faculty members are invited to nominate a graduate student by January 30, 2017.  More information for students and nominators is available at

Please nominate a graduate student and encourage your colleagues to do the same!

CRA Board Member Named in Women You Should Know List

ellen-zeguraCRA Board Member Ellen Zegura was named one of the “10 Women in Networking/Communications That You Should Know” by Networking Networking Women (N2 Women), a discipline-specific community of researchers in the communications and networking research fields. Zegura is a faculty member at Georgia Tech and also a member of the CRA executive committee.

From the N2 Women Announcement:

“Ellen led early work in Internet topology modeling (e.g., the GT-ITM tool) and disruption-tolerant networking (e.g., the first DTN protocol stack, message ferries, and throw-boxes). Ellen was elected an IEEE Fellow in 2011, elected to the CRA Board of Directors in 2011. She was Editor-in-Chief of IEEE/ACM ToN from 2003 to 2005. Ellen is co-creator of Compute for Good at Georgia Tech, a project-based education and research effort that applies computing to help solve societal problems.” – Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University