This article is published in the March 2020 issue.

Thank you, Data Buddies! (Fall 2019)

CRA and CERP wish to thank the institutions and departments that distributed the 2019 annual Data Buddies Survey! A total of 134 institutions worked with the Data Buddies Project for the 2019 survey year, with 50 departments receiving “elite” status by obtaining a response rate of 20% or more.

The collective efforts of Data Buddies institutions enable CERP to provide resources to the computing community through research and evaluation focused on students’ experiences in computing degree programs. For example, CERP publishes monthly infographics and conducts research using Data Buddies data.

Is your institution listed below? If not, help the computing community by becoming a Data Buddy today! Joining is free and easy, and your department will receive a report every year you participate in the project. Check out our sample report here!

Click here to learn more about Data Buddies and click here to sign up!

Special thanks to the 50 Elite Data Buddies, who had at least a 20% response rate from their students!

Baldwin Wallace University
Bethune-Cookman University
Brown University*
Christopher Newport University
CodeCrew Code School
Colgate University*
Colorado School of Mines*
Columbia University*
Davidson College
Farmingdale State College
George Mason University*
Harvey Mudd College*
Illinois Wesleyan University
Kean University*
Middlebury College
New Jersey Institute of Technology*
New Mexico State University-Main Campus*
Pomona College*
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute*
Simmons University
Southwestern University
St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Swarthmore College*
Texas A&M University*
Tufts University*
University of California-Riverside*
University of Chicago*
University of Delaware*
University of Hawaii-Hilo
University of Illinois-Chicago (CS)*
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign*
University of Maine*
University of Maryland-Baltimore County*
University of Massachusetts-Amherst*
University of North Carolina-Charlotte (CS)
University of North Carolina-Charlotte (SIS)*
University of Puget Sound*
University of Rochester*
University of San Diego
University of South Carolina-Columbia*
University of Texas-Austin (CS)*
University of Texas-San Antonio (CS)
University of Virginia*
Valdosta State University
Washington and Lee University
Washington University-St Louis*
Wayne State University*
Whitman College*
Winston Salem State University
Worcester State University

And a big thank you to the rest of the actively engaged Data Buddies who contributed to the project this year!

Arizona State University*
Auburn University*
Augustana College
Barnard College*
Boston University (Bioinformatics)
Boston University (CS)*
California State University-Long Beach
Calvin University
Carnegie Mellon University*
Case Western Reserve University*
Clovis Community College
Colorado State University*
Connecticut College
Cornell University*
Duke University*
Eastern Washington University
Fisk University
Gallaudet University
Georgia Institute of Technology*
Grinnell College*
Harvard University*
Johns Hopkins University*
Kansas State University*
Miami University-Oxford*
Montana State University*
Mount Holyoke College*
Northeastern University*
NYU Tandon School of Engineering*
Oberlin College
Princeton University*
Purdue University*
Radford University
Rochester Institute of Technology*
Rutgers University-New Brunswick Campus*
San Diego State University
Smith College
Southern Connecticut State University
Stony Brook University*
SUNY College-Plattsburgh
Temple University
Texas Southern University
Texas State University*
The Ohio State University*
Union College*
University of Alabama*
University of Alabama-Birmingham*
University of British Columbia*
University of California-Berkeley*
University of California-San Diego*
University of California-Santa Barbara*
University of Central Florida*
University of Cincinnati*
University of Colorado-Boulder*
University of Florida*
University of Houston*
University of Illinois-Chicago (ECE)
University of Illinois-Springfield
University of Maryland-College Park (CS)*
University of Massachusetts-Lowell*
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor*
University of Michigan-Flint
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities*
University of Nebraska-Kearney
University of Nebraska-Lincoln*
University of Nevada-Reno*
University of New Mexico*
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill*
University of North Carolina-Charlotte (BiG)
University of North Texas*
University of Northern Iowa
University of Notre Dame*
University of Pennsylvania*
University of Pittsburgh*
University of South Florida-Main Campus*
University of Texas-Austin (ECE)
University of Texas-Dallas*
University of Texas-El Paso*
University of Toronto*
University of Utah*
University of Washington*
Wellesley College
Yale University*
Youngstown State University
* Indicates CRA member departments.

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Thank you, Data Buddies! (Fall 2019)