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Archive of articles published in the March 2020, Vol. 32/No.3 issue.


2020 Conference at Snowbird Agenda Update

Dear CRA Members,
CRA continues to monitor the situation concerning COVID-19 and its potential impact on our upcoming CRA’s Conference at Snowbird, July 21-23, 2020. At the moment, the circumstances remain too uncertain for us to make any decisions about whether the conference will take place as planned.

We believe there is great value in bringing together the leadership of the computing research community in-person at Snowbird and will do all that we can to make that happen this July. But, obviously, health and safety concerns are paramount and we plan to heed Federal, State and local guidance about travel and public gatherings.

While we are not yet sure when we will make the decision to go ahead with the conference as in the past or modify it in some form, our intention is to decide with sufficient time for those who plan to attend to make their arrangements. Until then, it may be worthwhile to hold off on making travel plans.

If you have any questions about the conference, please direct them to

This year’s CRA Conference at Snowbird will highlight computing’s potential for social good and the related responsibility for computing research to consider the risks inherent in the work we do. Topics include social impact, positive and negative externalities, risks and opportunities, and responsibility.

Track themes:
Track 1: Computing Departments
Track 2: Computing Education
Track 3: Computing Research in Industry
Track 4: Tech for Good

Carla Ellis Receives the 2020 CRA A. Nico Habermann Award

The Computing Research Association today announced Carla Ellis as the recipient of the 2020 CRA A. Nico Habermann Award. For more than 30 years, Ellis has worked tirelessly to address diversity at all stages of the computing education pipeline. She has contributed significantly to initiatives and organizations dedicated to increasing participation of women and under-represented groups in computing research, including Systers, the CRA Committee on Widening Participation (CRA-WP), and the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT).  

CARES Movement Receives the 2020 CRA Distinguished Service Award

The Computing Research Association today announced it has selected the CARES movement – the Committee to Aid Reporting on Discrimination and Harassment Policy Violations – as the recipient of the 2020 CRA Distinguished Service Award for positively transforming the computing research community rapidly and fundamentally. CARES provides a resource for helping people experiencing issues related to discrimination, harassment, or bullying. The transformative work of CARES is not only aimed at calling attention to issues of sexual harassment and gender bias in the computing research field, but also in identifying and taking positive steps to make our research communities and conferences more welcoming.

Highlights of the 2020 CRA Computing Leadership Summit

On Thursday, February 27, the CRA hosted its annual Computing Research Leadership Summit for the senior leadership of CRA member societies (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Association for Computing Machinery, CS-Can/Info-Can, IEEE Computer Society, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and USENIX).

CRA is currently embarking on a strategic planning effort to think broadly and ambitiously about the future of the organization. How CRA works with its member societies is key part of the effort, and CRA used this gathering to discuss the strategic themes and priority outcomes that have emerged from the strategic planning sessions so far. The group considered opportunities for synergy, and areas where organizational priorities intersect. Further discussions on CRA strategic planning continued the next day at the CRA board meeting.

2020 CRA Career Mentoring Workshop

The 2020 CRA Career Mentoring Workshop was held February 27-28 in Washington, DC. More than 130 attendees engaged in a variety of panels and mentoring activities with senior researchers, including several CRA board members, and representatives from government agencies. This year’s workshop was organized by Carla Brodley (Northeastern University) and Dan Grossman (University of Washington) and featured a speed networking session.

Thank you, Data Buddies! (Fall 2019)

The annual Data Buddies Survey came to a close in February of 2020. CERP wishes to thank the 134 institutions and departments that made data collection possible, with special appreciation extended to Elite Data Buddies who received at least a 20% response rate from survey respondents.

Computing Research at AAAS

AAAS holds an annual meeting to foster a better understanding of science by the press and the public. The CCC has been increasing CS presence at the annual meeting, and you too can submit your ideas to present next year by April 16th, 2020.