This article is published in the August 2020 issue.

CERP Announces Web App to Access Statistics Relevant to the CRA Community on

BPCnetIn support of the NSF CISE initiative to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC) and, CERP has created a web app to facilitate access to statistics helpful to the CRA community. This web app can be used to quickly generate statistics for use in NSF proposals, particularly those that require BPC Plans.

CERP will continue regular development of this web app; the current version contains two sources of data:

  • IPEDS Completed Degrees (filtered to display only completed computing degrees at a given institution. “Computing degree” is broadly defined as any area of studies falling under CIP code of “11) Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services”)
  • CCD Enrollment (filtered to display for K-12 data only)

Colorful tree image that appears on the main page of web app allows the user to create a customized table to display the data. Users can select 1 or more years of data and can choose to display or aggregate data across the IPEDS and CCD categories of sex and race/ethnicity. Data is also displayed on the institution, state, and national levels to provide additional context for each data point. Users can save the resulting table for future reference via Copy and Download buttons located at the top of the web app.

You can access the current version of the app here:

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