This article is published in the January 2024 issue.

CCC Accepting Visioning Proposals from the Community

By Haley Griffin, Program Associate, CCC

The mission of Computing Research Association’s (CRA) Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is to enable the pursuit of innovative, high-impact research that aligns with pressing national and global challenges.

The CCC welcomes proposals for visioning activities from the community to catalyze innovative research at the frontiers of computing. Successful activities will articulate new research visions, galvanize community interest in those visions, mobilize support for those visions from the computing research community, government leaders, and funding agencies, and encourage broader segments of society to participate in computing research and education.

A well-formulated proposal should do the following:

  • Describe the visioning topic area and its current state of development within the field,
  • Explain the proposed activities in detail (if more than one activity, be sure to demonstrate the differences between the activities, the rationale for more than one activity, and the mechanisms to coordinate across activities),
  • Connect the activity and the vision: how does the former support/foster the latter?
  • Justify why this vision and this activity are appropriate now,
  • Specify the intended outcomes of the activity, and
  • Describe how those outcomes can be used to advance the visioning topic area.

A complete proposal must also

  • Identify the organizing committee,
  • Include brief biographical sketches of the organizers,
  • Propose a representative set of potential invitees (be sure to include representation from industry, policy, and funding organizations),
  • Provide a draft budget with justification, and
  • Articulate how the success of the activity and its outcomes can be assessed.

If you have ideas or topics for visioning, please consider submitting a proposal. Workshop proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis. You should anticipate that at least nine months will be needed between the date a proposal is submitted and the workshop takes place. Proposals should be no more than six pages in length. They should describe the existing or potential vision(s) and proposed activities in detail, including how the larger community will be engaged. Please consult these guidelines for more information on how to create a successful proposal and a high-impact visioning workshop.

The CCC Director ( is happy to discuss your ideas at any stage of the process. To that end, we encourage you to submit a Letter of Intent (of no more than one page) addressing the high-level ideas. We look forward to discussing your ideas with you