Archive of articles published in the 2024 issue.


UR2PhD: Opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Faculty, and Institutions

By Julia Sepulveda, Program Associate, CRA-E The UR2PhD program was launched with the goal of significantly increasing the number of women and gender-marginalized students, especially those who identify as Black, Native, and Latinx, pursuing a PhD in a CISE field. To this end, UR2PhD is helping institutions scale their research training capabilities, so that undergraduates […]

CCC Receives $5 Million NSF Award to Continue Catalyzing the Research Community 

By Haley Griffin, Program Associate, CCC, and Matt Hazenbush, Director of Communications   Following an intensive recompete process, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue serving the computing research community for another two years.  Building on CCC’s […]

Mary Lou Maher to Join CRA as Director of Research Community Initiatives

By Matt Hazenbush, Director of Communications  The Computing Research Association (CRA) is excited to announce the naming of Mary Lou Maher, PhD to the position of Director of Research Community Initiatives. An accomplished researcher with leadership experience that spans the settings of universities, large research projects, and the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dr. Maher joins […]

CCC Releases the 5 Year Update to the Next Steps in Quantum Computing Workshop Report

By Catherine Gill, Program Associate, CCC Quantum computing has captured the public’s attention due to its incredible theoretical applications, but the intensely complicated underlying physics make it difficult for even computing experts in other fields to understand. Computing researchers in other disciplines, however, have valuable knowledge to aid in the development of quantum computers. “To […]

Outline of a US map and diploma icon overlayOutline of a US map and diploma icon overlay

Computing Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded vs US College Age Population by Race/Ethnicity and Gender/Sex (2022)

By Burçin Campbell, Director of Data and Evaluation Understanding the patterns of representation of various groups in any given context is important for identifying potential problem areas that may impact people with particular backgrounds or identities to participate in that context. This infographic focuses on the demographic patterns of representation in the field of computing […]

Exploring the Restorative Potential of Nature Through Virtual Reality

By Yasra Chandio (CRA-E Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Alejandro Velasco Dimate (CRA-E Fellow, College of William & Mary) This Q&A highlight features Rachel Masters, who received an Honorable Mention in the 2023 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers award program. Rachel finished her undergraduate degree at Colorado State University (CSU) and is now pursuing a […]

Navigating the Landscape of Healthcare Data Sharing: Insights from CRA-I Roundtable

By Helen V. Wright, Manager, CRA-I In a recent virtual roundtable discussion hosted by the Computing Research Association – Industry (CRA-I), industry experts and professionals convened to delve into the complexities and opportunities surrounding the sharing of healthcare data. The event, moderated by Divesh Srivastava from AT&T, featured insightful contributions from Margarita Gonzalez (Georgia Tech […]

Expanding Career Pipelines by Unhiding the Hidden Curriculum of University Computing Majors

by Philip Guo, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego Everyone who attends college learns a formal curriculum by taking classes, but there is also a hidden curriculum just beneath the surface of their college experience. This hidden curriculum consists of the “unspoken lessons, norms, values, and perspectives that impact learning and academic performance. […]

NSF Launches Pilot of NAIRR Program to “Democratize the Future of AI”

By Brian Mosley, Associate Director, Government Affairs The National Science Foundation, in collaboration with several other federal agencies, announced the launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot program yesterday. The program, which partners with 10 federal agencies and 25 private sector, nonprofit, and philanthropic organizations, will, “provide access to advanced computing, datasets, […]

House Committee Releases Report to “Reset” Relationship with China; Recommendations on Research Funding, Research Security, and High Skilled Immigration Featured Prominently

By Brian Mosley, Associate Director, Government Affairs Last month, the House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, commonly referred to as the China Committee, released a bipartisan report aimed at resetting the, “economic and technological competition,” between the two countries. The report, titled “Reset, Prevent, Build: […]

New Faces at CRA

By Elora Daniels, Communications Associate The Computing Research Association (CRA) is thrilled to welcome two exceptional professionals to our expanding team. With a diverse range of skills, experiences, and innovative perspectives, our new team members each uniquely align with CRA’s mission to advance computing research and change the world.  Join us in welcoming Richard Elam […]